If we remember our school time the terms like: structure words, articles, time and tenses, determiners, auxiliary verbs, interrogative and affirmative sentences, question tags, Indirect speech, subject-verb agreement, adjective-adverbs, prepositions etc. have always messed up our mind. We are sure, if you come across these terms still you start scratching your head. It’s better to join Language Intro rather than scratching your head and wasting your time and energy.

It’s completely a denial to ignore the importance of the grammar of any language as it is considered as the base. Correct use of grammar enhances accuracy in spoken English as well as in writing. Lack of grammatical knowledge leads incorrect framing sentences which always puzzle the mind.

Our online and over the phone classes will help you to understand all the grammatical terms in English in a very simple and unique modern learning process. We are just a call ahead. So what are you waiting for?