In developing India, speaking fluent English is a sine qua non of an individual’s personality. It has become a Status symbol. Proficient English speaking skills give more opportunities to expand your career. It is a glamorous language which is being widely used in corporate sector, entertainment industry, finance, education, politics in almost every country of the world.

People who lack the ability to communicate in English often suffer from inferiority complex. They fail to reach the pinnacle of their career. They lag behind others in this competitive world.

Keeping these all in mind, “Language Intro” has given its genuine efforts to the people who are striving hard to communicate in English due to their professional and personal engagements.

As we are progressing towards Hash tag world, having everything just a mouse click away is really helpful. In view of this “Language Intro” has implemented its learning and developing initiative through digital platform such as on Skype or by Phone. We give the platform to positively impact your performance by fostering a culture of continuous learning. Our highly experienced trainers train you in such a way that you would surround yourself with English.

We take you to the joyful environment where learning English becomes fun and easy. Language Intro has designed its learning techniques for beginners as well as for advanced learners. In order to become a good English speaker, speaking English a lot is imperative. Many a time we don’t find anybody to speak English with or if we get anyway, nobody is there to correct you for your mistakes. Our well trained English professionals will make you speak a lot during conversation sessions and simultaneously monitor the accuracy of your confidence. We give the freedom to learners for selecting the conversation topic so that they speak as much as they can. We emphasize on updating you with new words and phrases which can be used on regular basis to glamorize your English.

We also encourage group classes as it inspires to have different view points on one single topic. It helps to develop critical thinking abilities. Students get fresh ideas which enable them to be a fast learner.

We believe in…..

“An ounce of performance is worth pounds of promises.”