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As we know that world is becoming more digital, day by day. The internet revolution has changed our life entirely. If our daily needs are just a button click way then why not learning English. The best way to gain fluency in English is having daily practice of speaking which most of the students lack as they don’t get proper environment to speak. The uniqueness of our online English training is to give our students maximum time to speak with their trainers face to face through Skype. Your one-o-one or group live sessions with our highly experienced trainers are just like learning English in a classroom without visiting any traditional institute. This modern and comfort approach of learning English directly saves your precious time and valuable money.


Learning English on phone is the result of one of our recent surveys which shows a majority of people are unable to learn English just because of their tight working schedule. This Telephonic approach of teaching spoken English is very much beneficial for those students, working professionals, businessmen, housewives etc who have no time for regular traditional classes. You can simply start learning English over the phone with Language Intro. Our trainers will call you as per your scheduled class time and your learning starts. English on phone allows students to take classes from anywhere. No matter whether you Sitting at home, working in your office or going on tour comfort is yours, responsibility is ours.



  • Varun Mishra

    Now I don't hesitate while speaking English. My trainer was very co-operative.

  • Rajnish Singh

    Awesome experience. Initially I was doubtful but learning online English is possible.

  • Rahul Verma

    Thanks to Language Intro I can speak English fluently with anyone.

  • Nita Singh

    I have become confident in English speaking. Classes are very interesting.